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We can customize our packages to suit your needs. Take a look at what's on offer nearby, and don't hesitate to contact us to plan your next trip.

Pourvoirie de la Lièvre - Juin 2020-61.j

Equipment rental

Come and enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of light boating on the Lièvre River. 35 km of calm waterways and memorable landscapes.


White-tailed deer

For your group - a large exclusive area of 15 km2 will be allocated to you. Our sites are already ready to welcome you and active. We are fortunate to have several males visiting them throughout the seasons.

Black bear looks angry

Black bear

Come live an extraordinary experience on the largest bear hunting territory in the Outaouais. Organized and supervised by an experienced guide, all you have to do is enjoy the adventure.


Ice fishing

Although being on a frozen body of water seems unusual other than with skates, come and try your luck for a memorable catch on the ice of Lac Brochet. An original experience and a pleasant moment.

Male Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) strutting with fan tail out in Wisconsin during the

Wild turkey

With a success rate that borders on perfection, you'll be glad you trusted us. Go hunting for wild turkey on our exclusive 15,000-acre agro-forestry territory.

Autumn fly fishing in the lake.jpg

Long Lake

Private lake full of speckled trout and smallmouth bass. Reserve one of the 2 boats to go fish in peace.

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