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A variety of fun activities and packages are available. Summer and winter alike, there are countless ways to discover magnificent new landscapes while relishing the region’s nature.



The Parc régional de la Forêt Bowman is 4 km from the outfitter. There are many groomed trails available. A breathtaking magical landscape.

Black bear in the rocky mountains

Black Bear

Come for an extraordinary experience on the largest bear hunting territory in the Outaouais. Organized and supervised by an experienced guide, it’s impossible not to enjoy this adventure.

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Long Lake

Private lake teeming with speckled trout and smallmouth bass. Reserve one of our two rowboats to get out on the water and fish in peace.

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For children

A lovely park with jungle gyms less than a kilometer walk from the outfitter.

Male Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) s

Wild Turkey

With a success rate bordering on perfection, you'll be glad you put your trust in us. Enjoy wild turkey hunting on our exclusive agro-forestry territory spanning more than 15,000 acres.


Brochet Lake

Named after the pike, one of the most combative species in Quebec. Come and try your luck for a memorable catch on the lake.

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Equipment rental

Kick back and relax aboard a watercraft on the Lièvre River. 35 km of calm waterways, and views you won’t forget.


White-tailed Deer

For your group - a large exclusive area of 15 km2 will be allocated to you. Our sites are already active and ready to welcome you. We are fortunate to have several males who visit our sites throughout the seasons.


Dog Sledding

To experience a unique and authentic outdoor adventure, dog sledding is the way to go. Various packages are offered.